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Running your own OpenVPN Server

As we have talked about what VPNs are and how they can be useful in the workplace or home in our previous VPN post we will now show you how you can run your own OpenVPN server at home or in your business.

In this environment we have selected OpenVPN, It’s free and open source and on of the most secure options out there. We will be running this on Windows Server 2012 however this should run fine on Windows 8 as well.

First we must download and install OpenVPN from the community downloads section at the bottom of the page. Be sure to check all boxes while installing OpenVPN. Once OpenVPN has been installed we can create the required server certificates and keys, To do this input the following commands on an Administrative Command Prompt session. Read More

Choosing the right VPN

There are many different software applications that implement virtual private networks, 3 popular VPN’s used are LogMeIn Hamachi, Windows Server Direct Access and OpenVPN. Things to consider when choosing the right VPN  is the speed, compatibility, security and setup. Depending on the infrastructure and network size the optimal VPN solution may vary. For small peer-to-peer networks the LogMeIn Hamchi solution would be preferred. For large enterprise networks with multiple domains, Microsoft Direct Access would be your best option. Although in a small business solution with one domain and a limited budget OpenVPN is a viable solution.

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