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Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

What is a Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual Private Network can be used in many different ways. It can mask your IP address to watch region blocked content from international websites that block connections from Australia. It will protect your privacy on WiFi connections especially at public places such as coffee shops and airports as well as simply connecting to network devices at home or work from wherever you are in the world securely.

But in most cases a VPN can be a very powerful tool for any business to implement. A VPN can connect two different geological branch offices into the one network, allowing and increase in productivity and accessibility. For employees that travel to lots of different locations, having a VPN tunnel back into the office on their laptop can ensure that all the work can be transferred in a secure manner.

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Increase Website Speed and Performance

As a society today users consume as much data as possible, as fast as possible, meaning that if your website loads slower then 4 seconds you may miss out on business. Today on The Tech Check Blog we will explore the benefits of analyst websites to help improve the speed of your website.

The analyst site the we use here at Tech Check is GTmetrix where we can enter in the desired website to test and it will show us our Google’s Page Speed and Yahoo’s YSlow rating, along with a detailed report of the corresponding problems with the site. Enter you website address into the search bar and hit go. For this guide i will make the Tech Check site slow and use a few fixes to greatly improve the ratings.


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